Here at Sunset ID Care

Sunset ID Care specializes in the treatment of persons living with viral disease – HIV and HCV. Sunset ID Care has been responsible for the care of over 500 clients living with chronic viral infections in El Paso since its inception in 2015. Based on their excellence of care, they are a clinical training site alongside Southwest Viral Med in the South-Central AIDS Education and Training Center (SCAETC).

At Sunset ID Care patient care is the most important part of viral disease management. This is exemplified by the growth of the practice from 20 patients in October of 2010, to well over 800 in 2017. Sunset ID Care uses healthcare technology to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Alozie is a strong advocate of population health and using technology to make healthcare better, and hopefully more efficient

Dr. Alozie has been engaged in multiple clinical trials, as well as providing a teaching environment for medical students, medical residents and pharmacy students and residents. He was recently awarded “Best Doctor in the City 2016” by the El Paso City Magazine.